Please find a list of some of the technologies we regularly use in our solutions:

omron logo

All Omron PLC's including:

CPM1A, CPM2A, CQM1, CQM1H, C200H, C200H, C500

CP, CJ1, CJ2, CJ2M and CS Series PLCs

NX1P, NX101 and NX102 Series PLCs

NJ Series PLCs

All HMI's including:

NT, NP, NV, NS and NA Operator Interfaces

All VSD's and Servo Controllers including:

3G3FV, MV Series Variable Speed Drives

Smart Step Servo Drives

W Series Servo/Motion via Mechatrolink

G Series Servo/Motion via EtherCAT

1S Series Servo via EtherCAT

Vision systems


FH Series

cognex logo

Cognex Insight 5000 vision systems

Used in applications for robotic guidance, product inspection, dimension tolerance quality control, pattern finding

IS5100-00 (Without Patmax)

IS5100-10 (With Patmax)

IS5400-00 (Without Patmax)

IS5400-10 (With Patmax)

IS5603-01 (Without Patmax)

IS5603-10 (With Patmax)


Movitrac LT VSD

Movitrac LT Variable Speed Drives

Movitrac LTE-B Variable Speed Drives

Movidrive A MD_60A Variable Speed Drive and Servo Controllers

Movidrive B MDX60/61B Variable Speed Drive and Servo Controllers

Movidrive B Servo Controllers

sick logo

Flexisoft Safety Controllers

denso robotics logo

DENSO Robotics

IAL are system integrators and distributors for DENSO robotics in New Zealand.

We can provide turnkey robotic solutions to suit either a standalone machine or production line system.

Looking for a small robot to do a small task? DENSO robots are small, high speed and high quality robots made in Japan.

4 Axis Scara Robots:

HS Base Mount Scara

HM Base Mount Scara

HSS Inverted Mount Scara

6 Axis Robots

VP Series

VS Series

VM Series

Network options

Ethernet I/P



Integrated vision and conveyor tracking synchronization functions

Pick and place applications

pilz logo

Pilz Safety Controllers

PNOZ Multi m1p

PNOZ Multi Mini

PNOZ Multi Linking Modules

Field Bus options Devicenet, Ethernet IP

Light Curtains, Solenoid Lock Switches, Non Contact Switches

rockwell automation logo

All Allen Bradley PLC's including:

MicroLogix 1000, 1100, 1200, 1400, 1500

SLC 503, 504, 505,

CompactLogix 1769 series: L18, L19, L23E, L30ERM, L32E, L33ERM, L35E, L36ERM, L43, L45

CompactLogix 5069 series: 5380, 5480

FlexLogix 1794

ControlLogix 1756 L55, L6X

ControlLogix 5570 L7X

ControlLogix 5580 L8X

Flex IO 1794

Flex 5000

Point IO 1734

5069 Compact 5000 IO

All HMI's including:

PanelView Operator Interface

PanelView Plus Operator Interface

Variable Speed Drives

Powerflex 4, 4M, 40, 40P

Powerflex 70, 700, 753, 755

Powerflex 525, 527

Servo Drives

Ultra 100 Servo Drives

Ultra 3000 Servo Drives

Ultra 5000 Servo Drives

Kinetix 2000 Servo Drives

Kinetix 6000 Servo Drives

Kinetix 5500 Servo Drives

Kinetix 5700 Servo Drives

Kinetix 6500 Servo Drives

danfoss logo

VLT AutomationDrive FC300/ FC302)

EtherNet/IP - MCA121

Devicenet - MCA 104

Positioning Controller - MCO 351

For a comprehensive list of technologies and discussion of your particular needs please get in touch with us today.