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Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) have come a long way in the last decade. SCADA systems still do what their name implies by providing a centralized place to view your processes and equipment, but these functions are only components today's of modern platforms. Data is at the centre of the stage now, and SCADA software provides a host of new tools to make the most of that data.

Our clients have benefited from the latest advances in SCADA Systems and related technologies using both standard SCADA architectures and mobile-friendly platforms. Knowing what your processing equipment or manufacturing line is doing in real time from a control room or on a mobile device, has obvious operational advantages.

Advances in data acquisition have enabled us to build custom solutions that tailor the user interface and experience to our customer’s operation. This enables efficient, near-instant access to critical production data and reports at your fingertips.

We don't try to fit you into an existing way of doing things - we tailor your system and your equipment to do what your staff need them to do - not what the package dictates. If you don't have existing processes, we can make suggestions and trial ideas efficiently in our workshop.

Ignition Scada HMI software development

IAL is a certified integrator of Ignition SCADA and MES software since 2014.

We have successfully completed a large range of SCADA projects from single screen client HMI’s right up to redundant server configurations with multiple clients and databases.

In 2015 IAL were awarded an Ignition Silver Firebrand Award for a project called - RIAWS. The award was the first on NZ soil! This project has expanded further since its original concept. Using Ignition has made this easy.

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Wonderware Intouch and System Platform HMI software development by AVEVA

IAL has extensive experience with Wonderware Intouch and System Platform architectures. We support a large number of clients with migration and upgrade paths.

Rockwell RSView and Factory Talk HMI software development

From using the latest PanelView HMI’s right up to Factory Talk SE configurations. We also cover legacy PanelView conversions paths.

SQL Databases using MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL

IAL has extensive experience with setting up databases, manipulating data and maintaining critical data. We have configured several redundant databases to ensure there is no risk of data loss.

Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel Production Machinery Limited have developed a system that monitors their entire motor plant in Qingdao, China. IAL assisted them during the development, commissioning and presentation of this product.

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