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COSMO 4.0, Motor Plant

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Fisher & Paykel Production Machinery Limited have developed a system that monitors their entire motor plant in Qingdao, China. IAL assisted them during the development, commissioning and presentation of this product.

There are 6 core modules: Environmental, Scheduling, Quality, Efficiency, Maintenance and Reporting. IAL developed the entire Quality module, and contributed significantly to the other modules, particularly Scheduling and Reporting.

7 production lines are already integrated into this system, which relays production data to screens on the plant floor as well as clients that can be viewed by management and engineering staff on site and around the world.

Project Details:

• Large scale HMI/SCADA incorporating machine data from 7 production lines, with a system that has been created to allow easy integration of future lines.

• COSMO 4.0 monitors quality information on a part-by-part basis, using statistical process control to alert staff of changing trends in product behaviour before it becomes a problem.

• Automated scheduling allows COSMO 4.0 to:

Generate production orders when stock is projected to fall below demand.

Prioritise the orders according to their estimated completion time vs. due date.

Distribute those orders to the most appropriate production line and start the line up if needed.

Project Media:

• Local news coverage of COSMO 4.0 being launched at the Qingdao motor plant:

COSMO 4.0 Quality SPC Charts during factory opening rehearsal.

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