Bega Cheese
Natural Slice and Portion Line, Strathmerton, Australia

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The Bega site in Strathmerton was chosen to host a new natural cheese production line.

IAL supported Cheese Solutions NZ Limited (CSL) as an OEM provider of the majority of the machinery used to construct this production line, with CSL handling mechanical design, and IAL providing the electrical design and automation, and a combined commissioning effort.

The result was a turn-key prototype system that was specially engineered to meet the customer’s site specifications and performance requirements.

Line Summary

  • CSL Log Cutter
  • CSL Continuous Slicer
  • CSL Line Control System
  • CSL Anaconda Cheese Reforming System
  • 2 x Checkweighers
  • 2 x CSL Robotic Clamshell Loaders

Project Features

The CSL 240 Line Control system manages the conveyors that run between the various machines, as well as co-ordinating the flow of product and handling machine-to-machine communications.

Interfacing between systems provided by the different manufacturers was provided entirely by IAL for this project, and not only covers basic handshaking (ready to receive, ready to send, etc.), but also more complex management of demand and accumulation control, relaying of machine alarms, and automatic adjustment of upstream machines based on feedback from downstream (changing slice thickness according to checkweigher measurements).


This project resulted in the creation of the fastest natural cheese block line in Australia and New Zealand.

Anaconda Cheese Reforming System – Infeed. The trim is collected from the Slice & Portion Line through the wall.

Anaconda Cheese Reforming System – Working Cell.

Anaconda Cheese Reforming System – Main Chamber & Outfeed.

CSL Robotic Clamshell Loader

CSL Line Control System - Variable Speed Drives

CSL Line Control System

CSL 3002 Dual High Speed Portion Cutter & CSL Continuous Slicer.

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