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Rural Intersection Active Warning System

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ASL (Aspect Solutions Ltd) is a company belonging to the Armitage Group, which specialises in intelligent traffic system projects. IAL has completed several projects for ASL, for systems such as special access remote controlled motorway gates, solar/wind power generation monitoring, and automated traffic sign control.

In 2012 IAL began a project with ASL known as RIAWS – the Rural Intersection Active Warning System. This project was initiated by the NZTA to assess options for reducing traffic accidents at rural intersections.

100 of the most dangerous intersections in the country were selected as candidates for the trial RIAWS implementation. Originally 2 sites were chosen, then another 4 were added, and finally a further 6 have been installed, bringing the total number of sites to 12.

Project Details:

• RIAWS has won several awards to date:

NZTA ‘Make a Difference’ Award

2014 3M Traffic Safety Innovation Award

2015 Inductive Automation Firebrand Award (for the Ignition HMI/SCADA system)

• Incorporates 10 sites, all controlled and reporting back to a central server in Wellington.

In turn, the central gateway in Wellington can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

• Automated data collection, alarm monitoring and reporting. Specific information can be requested from the central gateway, however day-to-day operations are handled by the automated reports which contain detailed traffic data for the statisticians to analyse, plus alarm logs for the engineers and maintenance teams.

• IAL supplied the control system hardware, programmed the PLCs, commissioned the site control systems, and fully implemented the Ignition central gateway which controls and co-ordinates the entire system. The central gateway also serves as the operator interface for the complete RIAWS system.

• Incorporates several other system directly under control of the central gateway and site PLCs, with all communications designed and implemented by IAL:

Nortech Detection IR100 Traffic Monitoring Unit

Direct inductive loop monitoring and speed/length calculation

AGD 315 Traffic Radar

Solar Power Monitors

LED Traffic Sign Controllers

Project Media:

• ASL Website – Project Reference

• Inductive Automation – Firebrand Award Discover Gallery 2015

Site Map Overview, showing the 10 sites currently in operation.

Overview of the Newbury site.

Raw Vehicle Data.

Traffic data trends across a week.

Overview of the Pakaraka site

Overview of the Longlands site

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