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IAL becomes first Accredited System Integrator with Omron

by Donovan Ryan — 23/10/2020

Integrated Automation has been a long-standing partner with Omron Electronics here in New Zealand since 2006. This latest development is a huge achievement and cements a solid partnership in providing Industrial Automation and Robotic systems for future years to come. 

Here is the official partnership update from Omron, established on the 16th October 2020. 

We’re proud to announce another great milestone for Omron NZ …  

To enhance our customer service, Omron Electronics partners with approved system integration companies throughout New Zealand, who install Omron Electronics’ products into end users’ facilities. 

Through this Accredited System Integrator Program our clients can expect first-class service and on-going technical support. 

We guide the system integrators during installation or problem resolution should any issues arise post installation. 

And we also provide training to the System Integrators to ensure a high level of technical expertise is maintained. 

You’ll be pleased to learn that last week we signed our first Accredited System Integrator – Integrated Automation Ltd (IAL).

Established in 2006, IAL specialises in implementing industrial automation solutions for wide range of industries, including food and beverage, wood products, OEM machine building and transport systems. 

For several years IAL has been assisting Yashili NZ Dairy Co, a leading infant formula producer for the China market, to optimise various production lines to boost performance and reliability. 

To help achieve those goals IAL has chosen Omron vision systems for superior product inspection and quality assurance. 

And to complement the vision systems our partners have installed their own Online Product Tracking (OPT) and Vision Archive systems. 

We wish our new ASI partners every success!