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Leaders in providing world-class innovative automation solutions
Leaders in providing world-class innovative automation solutions
Leaders in providing world-class innovative automation solutions  |  NZ & WORLDWIDE

As one of New Zealand's leading automation companies, Integrated Automation Ltd (IAL) helps businesses in New Zealand and internationally take control of their systems

Since 2006, the Integrated Automation Ltd (IAL) team has designed and installed turnkey automated solutions for customers across a range of industries, establishing a strong reputation for excellence in the field. Our industrial control systems enhance productivity, minimize downtime, ensure operator safety, and allow for future flexibility. 

Our team is composed of experienced electrical, automation, and mechanical engineers as well as sales and administration staff, who work closely together to provide the best possible solution, meeting the client's specifications, budget, and timeline while maximizing their return on investment. 

IAL has successfully delivered projects of all sizes, from initial discussions to fully operational production facilities, all built to the highest quality and industry standards. Our motivation to excel in automation engineering and add value to our customers fuels our drive to succeed. We offer:

We're eager to get our hands and minds working on the next project with a bit of renowned Kiwi ingenuity. Contact us to discuss your project. We work with clients in a range of industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, primary industries, manufacturing, warehousing and transport in New Zealand and internationally.

Our vision and values

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To be a leader in providing world-class innovative automation systems.

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To solve real-world problems using technology and innovation.

  • Energised by Innovation
  • Constantly improve, always strive to be better
  • Encourage diversity of people, ideas and opinions
  • Recognise other’s good ideas and adopt them
  • Take risks and learn from failures
  • Believe in our ability to succeed
  • Act with complete integrity
  • Communicate with openness and honesty
  • Be accountable for our actions and impact
  • Treat all people fairly and with dignity
  • Work together to get the best results
  • Skills and learnings are shared so we all develop together
  • Recognise performance and celebrate achievements
  • Partner for success
  • Build relationships with our stakeholders that will endure
  • Measure a job well done through our customer’s eyes

These are the values we stand for - the values by which we measure all of our actions.

How we work

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We tailor each solution to the requirements of the client, so each project begins with a full assessment of what is required and where the current sticking points in the production line are. If possible we'll do this via a site visit so we can get a real look at what you currently have. Otherwise, we'll conduct a remote assessment.

Then we'll present you with a proposal covering the issues that need to be addressed and our solutions. Depending on how complex your systems are and the potential costs, the proposal may be multi-stage to allow you to spread the cost of the implementation.
If you are happy with the proposal we'll create a detailed proposal covering each stage - design, development, programming, installation and ongoing support. This can include detailed electrical designs, functional descriptions, system architectures and HMI designs. Then we'll carry out the work.
Getting the right advice is key, especially at the beginning of your project. Our experienced team can help you with extensive audits and develop the right technology roadmaps and machine and safety implementation plans. at the start of a project is key to maximising your investment, and making informed decisions.

Benefit from our experience and get in touch to begin your project.

Contact us today for a confidential, preliminary discussion of your operations and requirements.

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