Leaders in providing world-class innovative automation solutions
Leaders in providing world-class innovative automation solutions
Leaders in providing world-class innovative automation solutions  |  NZ & WORLDWIDE

Case studies showcasing our automation solutions

With over 15 years of experience as an established automation company, IAL has been delivering a diverse array of industrial control systems to clients based in New Zealand and around the world. 

We have selected these case studies because they involve interfacing with equipment from other manufacturers, represent the first or sole version of a particular project, and are integral to larger systems, such as a production line. If you would like to learn more about how our team can help with your project, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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CSL Tray Packer

The Culmination Of More Than 15 Years Producing High Level Engineered Systems

The CSL Tray Packer is a specialist high-speed packaging machine designed and built here in New Zealand and is the culmination of more than 15 years of producing high-level engineered systems.

This 3rd generation machine assembles pre-packaged natural cut cheese slices into preformed plastic trays or clamshells.

It was designed and built in collaboration with Cheese Systems Ltd. Both CSL and IAL have worked in collaboration for more than 15 years, building world-class machines.

IAL is the official distributor and systems integrator for DENSO Robots in New Zealand and Australia.

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Cheese Systems

Natural Slice and Portion Line

CSL and IAL have a long-standing business partnership creating world-class systems.

The result of this project was a turn-key system that was specially engineered to meet the customer’s site specifications and performance requirements.

Line Summary

  • CSL Log Cutter
  • CSL Continuous Slicer
  • CSL Line Control System
  • CSL Anaconda Cheese Reforming System
  • 2 x Checkweighers
  • 2 x CSL Robotic Clamshell Loaders

Project Features

The CSL 240 Line Control system manages the conveyors that run between the various machines, as well as coordinating the flow of product and handling machine-to-machine communications.

Interfacing between systems provided by the different manufacturers was provided entirely by IAL for this project, and covers not only basic handshaking (ready to receive, ready to send, etc.), but also more complex management of demand and accumulation control, relaying of machine alarms, and automatic adjustment of upstream machines based on feedback from downstream (changing slice thickness according to checkweigher measurements).


This project resulted in the creation of the fastest natural cheese block line in Australia and New Zealand.
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Anaconda Cheese Reforming System – Infeed. The trim is collected from the Slice & Portion Line through the wall.

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Anaconda Cheese Reforming System – Working Cell.

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Anaconda Cheese Reforming System – Main Chamber & Outfeed.

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CSL Robotic Clamshell Loader

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CSL Line Control System - Variable Speed Drives

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CSL Line Control System

CSL 3002 Dual High Speed Portion Cutter & CSL Continuous Slicer.

Life Health Foods

Lisa’s Hummus

LHF (Life Health Foods) required an upgrade to their existing chickpea cooking system for the hummus line.

This project involved upgrading an obsolete touch panel HMI, improving the process and performing fault-finding on the software and electrical system, and commissioning the installation of the 5th cooking vessel.

Project Features

  • Upgrade HMI hardware from obsolete Proface screen to Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus.
  • Redesign screen to improve operator interface and incorporate 5th cooking vessel.
  • Modifications and additions performed on existing PLC program to improve performance.
  • Software design and commissioning to add new 5th cooking vessel with improved sensor feedback and control.
  • Provide design options for improving the system hardware.


Implementing these features resulted in improved production capability and reliability.

Original HMI on left, upgraded HMI on the right.
Original HMI on left, upgraded HMI on the right.


Henderson, Auckland

Huhtamaki operates a variety of plastic thermoforming, paper forming and labelling machines used to manufacture a number of different food packaging products. IAL has been involved with many jobs to fault-find, improve process performance or upgrade hardware on these machines.

Of particular note is the complete rebuild of Browns Thermoformer 2, which, at the time of the job, was approximately 20-years-old.

Project Details

  • Complete replacement of obsolete main control system – new PLC, I/O, HMI.
  • IAL completed the electrical design, electric drawings, HMI and PLC programming.
  • Upgrade from crude proximity position switches to Temposonic linear position transducers for platen position control.
  • Accurate motion control and synchronisation required for effective operation.

Output of Browns Thermoformer 2

Upgraded control panel

Original control panel

Examples window from upgraded HMI

Examples window from upgraded HMI

Aspect Solutions

Rural Intersection Active Warning System

ASL (Aspect Solutions Ltd) is a company belonging to the Armitage Group, which specialises in intelligent traffic system projects. IAL has completed several projects for ASL, for systems such as special access remote-controlled motorway gates, solar/wind power generation monitoring, and automated traffic sign control.

In 2012 IAL began a project with ASL known as RIAWS – the Rural Intersection Active Warning System. This project was initiated by the NZTA to assess options for reducing traffic accidents at rural intersections.

One hundred of the most dangerous intersections in the country were selected as candidates for the trial RIAWS implementation. Originally two sites were chosen, then another four were added, and finally, a further six have been installed, bringing the total number of sites to 12.

Project Details:

  • RIAWS has won several awards to date:
NZTA ‘Make a Difference’ Award
2014 3M Traffic Safety Innovation Award
2015 Inductive Automation Firebrand Award (for the Ignition HMI/SCADA system)

  • Incorporates 10 sites, all controlled and reporting back to a central server in Wellington. In turn, the central gateway in Wellington can be controlled from anywhere in the world.
  • Automated data collection, alarm monitoring and reporting. Specific information can be requested from the central gateway, however day-to-day operations are handled by the automated reports which contain detailed traffic data for the statisticians to analyse, plus alarm logs for the engineers and maintenance teams.
  • IAL supplied the control system hardware, programmed the PLCs, commissioned the site control systems, and fully implemented the Ignition central gateway which controls and co-ordinates the entire system. The central gateway also serves as the operator interface for the complete RIAWS system.
  • Incorporates several other systems directly under the control of the central gateway and site PLCs, with all communications designed and implemented by IAL:
Nortech Detection IR100 Traffic Monitoring Unit
Direct inductive loop monitoring and speed/length calculation
AGD 315 Traffic Radar
Solar Power Monitors
LED Traffic Sign Controllers

Project Media:

Site Map Overview, showing the 10 sites currently in operation.

Overview of the Newbury site.

Raw Vehicle Data.

Traffic data trends across a week.

Overview of the Pakaraka site

Overview of the Longlands site

Fisher & Paykel

COSMO 4.0, Motor Plant

Fisher & Paykel Production Machinery Limited have developed a system that monitors their entire motor plant in Qingdao, China. IAL assisted them during the development, commissioning and presentation of this product.

There are 6 core modules: Environmental, Scheduling, Quality, Efficiency, Maintenance and Reporting. IAL developed the entire Quality module, and contributed significantly to the other modules, particularly Scheduling and Reporting.

7 production lines are already integrated into this system, which relays production data to screens on the plant floor as well as clients that can be viewed by management and engineering staff on site and around the world.

Project Details:

  • Large scale HMI/SCADA incorporating machine data from 7 production lines, with a system that has been created to allow easy integration of future lines.
  • COSMO 4.0 monitors quality information on a part-by-part basis, using statistical process control to alert staff of changing trends in product behaviour before it becomes a problem.
  • Automated scheduling allows COSMO 4.0 to:
Generate production orders when stock is projected to fall below demand.

Prioritise the orders according to their estimated completion time vs. due date.

Distribute those orders to the most appropriate production line and start the line up if needed.

Project Media:

  • Local news coverage of COSMO 4.0 being launched at the Qingdao motor plant:

COSMO 4.0 Quality SPC Charts during factory opening rehearsal.

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